Apprenticeship Program

Now accepting all major credit cards!

Earn an honest and profitable income in one of the oldest trades in the world….

We offer a one-on-one learning opportunity. This is a unique program to fit your needs.

This Apprenticeship Program is a full-time, 4-day a week ride-a-long for between 45-90 days of hands on training, based on your ability:

You will learn everything from:

Horse Anatomy
Shoeing – Hot and Cold
Corrective Hoof Care
Horsemanship – Dealing with difficult horses
Ferrier Client Relationships
How to Run your Business

Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have proof of Health Insurance
Must be responsible and punctual
Tools you are required to purchase : Chaps, Hook, Pic and Book

$15,000.00 – Serious Inquiries only

The BEST PERK of all – when you have completed the program, we will help you build your business!

Please call me for more information!